Bunkers are a ghostly reminder of destruction and oppression but the idea of home slumbers in this symbol of protection.

With a shared fascination for bunkers, Jonas Van Steenkiste and Veerle Michiels decided to work together.Front is a project where two architectural archetypes converge: the bunker and the house (a timber-frame construction). After consulting several sources as ‘Bunker archeology’ of Paul Virilio (French cultural theorist and urbanist)  and ‘At home’ Irene Cieraad  (Duch cultural anthropologist and a senior research leader of Architectural Design), they explored the inversion of the relationship between house and bunker in scale models.

The concept of ‘protection’ is central to both works. When taken together, however, they foster a sense of alienation.

Their ambition is to build the construction in situ.




The construction 'FRONT' at Raversyde (Freestate•Oostende)